Thessa Sophia ~ Spiritual Healer & Guide


Thessa Sophia describes herself as a guide and technical advisor on our  journey into the deepest part of our heart.  She developed the Heart Becoming meditation after many years of guiding others in healing and self exploration both one to one and in group retreat settings. What makes her healing approach unique is that while she is guiding, Thessa is also using deep empathy via her own body and energy field.  As a result she shares what it is like to be you, and helps transform and integrate what occurs within the person healing.

Both a therapist and a researcher, the combination of a scientific mind and an empathic heart became the basis for her later diplomas and apprenticeships in the alternative medicine field as a Certified Nutritionist, Master Herbalist, regression therapist and direct consciousness researcher. She developed a healing and meditation modality called Alchemy Techniques (AT). Within AT, her focus became tracking trauma, and eventually all experience, to its origin, transcending from healing into identity exploration.

Enjoy this wonderful one-hour podcast of Living Well with Thessa Sophia who shares how we can make direct contact with who we really are.

Living Well with Thessa Sophia on AshevilleFM, September 19, 2016