Testing & Consultation

I offer psychological or psycho-educational testing that identifies the influences and dynamics that are contributing to problems in your child or teen’s functioning and general well-being. My personalized, detailed reports provide effective solutions that build on your child’s strengths and gives parents guidance and strategies to move forward in the right direction. Psychological testing can be helpful for children or teens who are experiencing significant behavioral, emotional, cognitive, or social difficulties while intellectual & achievement testing that is well-suited for children who consistently struggle in school.

I also offer personalized assessments and consultations that are tailored to your child’s individualized needs.  Parents may have specific questions and concerns about their child’s functioning and wellbeing and are seeking clarity, advice and direction.  Common questions include does my child meet the criteria for a mental health diagnosis (e.g., ADHD, anxiety, autism), does my child need medication, or how can I best parent and help my child be happy and successful in his or her life.