Steffi Rausch ~ Lead Organizer for Asheville Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby

An unpaid citizen lobbyist fighting for climate change solutions in Congress,  Steffi is the Lead Organizer for the Asheville Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a non-partisan international organization that works to create the political will for climate solutions. They have a bipartisan solution called Carbon Fee & Dividend (CFD) that works to price carbon for its cost to society while returning the fee back to the people in the form of a monthly dividend check to offset the rising costs to consumers as well as fund the transition and grow the economy in the process.  In November 2017, Steffi published an excellent article for the Mountain Express that outlines the importance of CCL’s work.  You can also check out Asheville CCL Chapter on Facebook.

Enjoy this one-h0ur Living Well where Steffi discusses the many benefits for people and businesses of a CFD to reduce carbon- dioxide emissions!

Living Well with Steffi Rausch on AshevilleFM, March 20, 2017