EFT for Couples

EFT is an empirically validated, humanistic and short-term, psychotherapeutic approach to working with couples. EFT was founded by Dr. Sue Johnson, the author of “Hold Me Tight”: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love”, who spent her career studying couples to understand what is truly important that allows couples to feel close to each other.

With 3 phases and 9 steps, EFT focuses on creating and strengthening the emotional bond between partners that promote an adult loving relationship: being open, attuned, and responsive to each other. Rigorous studies of EFT have shown an astounding 70-75% success rate with long-lasting effects. EFT is shown to be effective for all types of couples. Visit www.iceeft.com to learn more about the amazing benefits of EFT.

Couples and Marriage Counseling Asheville NC

My therapeutic approach is ideal for those couples who want to:

  • be happier
  • deepen their spirituality
  • strengthen their communication
  • enhance parenting skills
  • find more passion in their relationship

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Couples and Marriage Counseling Asheville NC