Living Well Radio Show

Living Well is a weekly radio show on Asheville Free Media that features in-depth conversations about the many ways we can live well in our lives. My guests are Asheville locals from many walks of life who inspire others to live well.  I also regularly share my thoughts on Living Well as well as play inspiring music.

The inspiration for Living Well is to create a dialogue for shared exploration of how we can best be healthy, happy, and fulfilled in our lives.

Living Well airs live on Mondays from 11am-noonpm EST on 103.3FM in Asheville and streamed world-wide on AshevilleFM is a volunteer-based, grassroots community radio station whose goal is to add to and reflect the rich stew of arts, culture and community involvement that is Asheville.

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David Isaacs ~ The World Cafe

David Isaacs is President of Clearing Communications, an organizational leadership and strategy consultancy. He has served as a line executive managing crisis and transition and as a personal coach and “thinking partner” with business leaders and leadership teams, accompanying them as they embrace the challenges of unprecedented change and transformation.

Co-founder of the World Café with his wife Juanita Brown, David works with clients and colleagues in consciously designing, convening, & hosting powerful conversations around their most important questions.  World Café is used all over the world, encompassing six continents, with tremendous success. The award-winning book, The World Café: Shaping our Futures through Conversations that Matter, Berrett-Koehler, 2005, co-authored with Juanita Brown illuminates key design principles for accessing mutual intelligence around complex questions and challenges.  Over 50,000 copies have sold and  the book is translated into nine languages.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well where David shares the power inherent in conversations where we learn together, bringing forth a collective intelligence that unfolds in diverse and creative ways.

Living Well with David Isaacs on AshevilleFM, February 12, 2018

Sara Stender & MaryLynn Barrett ~ Africa Healing Exchange

Sara Stender is the Founder and Executive Director of the U.S.-based nonprofit organization Africa Healing Exchange (AHE) and the owner of 3 Mountains TÎma Tea. She has been working with Rwandans since 2007 when she was helping to create a fair trade campaign in the U.S. and she was introduced to the excellent coffee and tea coming from Rwanda. Since spending time in Kigali in 2009, helping to create a culinary arts and customer service training program in a local restaurant, she made a commitment to create a mutually-beneficial, multi-national exchange that could help people suffering from trauma and related illnesses.

MaryLynn Barrett, LCSW, MPH, has dual master’s degrees in social work and public health from the University of Washington. She is the Director of Behavioral Medicine in the Family Practice Residency Program and MAHEC’s Family Health Centers. Mary Lynn is part of the leadership team of resiliency trainers who started the local non-profit agency, Resources for Resiliency. She is fluent in Spanish and has taught nationally and internationally, most recently in Rwanda and Tanzania. Locally, she participates in Buncombe County’s ACE Collaborative and is a board member of the African Healing Exchange.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well where Sara and MaryLynn Barrett shares how we can build resiliency within ourselves and our communities that supports our best selves  and promotes proven skills for managing the many stresses of life

Living Well with Sara Stender and MaryLynn Barrett on AshevilleFM, February 5, 2018

Desiree DeMars ~ The Light From Within

Desiree DeMars call her work The Light From Within which is a synthesis of over thirty years of experience in the realms of spiritual development, integrative health, creativity and communications. It is a merging of the ancient wisdom teachings of shamanism and a contemporary approach to coaching based on the latest research in the neuroscience of conversations known as Conversational Intelligence, or C-IQ. Desiree also  offer shamanic energy sessions, shamanic divination readings, group trainings and drum circles called Drumming With The Moon, during the full and new moons at Epione Integrated Clinic in Montford.

Desiree’s vision of this merging of spirituality and science is to to become the container that honors the relationship between the heart and the mind by providing tools, ceremonies, and rituals that can powerfully and compassionately support the evolutionary processes we are experiencing on the planet today.

Currently Desiree am writing a book and created a card deck based on an African shamanic divination process I have been trained in known as “reading the bones” which uses 3D objects through which wisdom and guidance come through. Using the cards daily can support the user in developing their own intuition, insight and inner guidance about aspects of their life they are exploring more deeply at the time.  Its called The Sacred Symbols Divination Deck: How To Use Everyday Images for Illuminating Life’s Journey.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well where Desiree shares a powerful way of how we can live well in life using the teachings of shamanism.

Jim Julien, Bryan Octaviano & Meredith Yuhas ~ Asheville Fringe Art Festival 2018

The Asheville Fringe Art Festival is an annual performing arts, multiple venue festival that provides artists with opportunities to explore the edges of their work, to collaborate across genres and to bring new and innovative performances to culturally adventurous audiences.  Jim Julien has been there as an organizer from the beginning in 2002 and watched the festival continue to grow.

Bryan Octaviano is part of the Open Hearts Arts Center, an   Asheville based arts center for artists with disabilities, will be  working with Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater to perform “The Colors of Dance”, a  show celebrating differences and the ways they unite us.

Meredith Yuhas and her dance troupe will be performing, “You and I, Us and Them”, that considers the emergence of the individual into society, examining power structures, diversity and privilege, highlighting the opportunities for connection and disconnection.  Meredith finds her work focusing on the exploration of risky and athletic contemporary movement, held within the intimacy of illustrated human relationships.

I hope you enjoy this one-hour Living Well that shares how we can be inspired through “fringe” art that challenges artist to push the boundaries of their work!

Living Well with The Asheville Fringe Arts Festival on AshevilleFM, January 22, 2018


Richard Cleveland ~ Earth School

Richard Cleveland is the founder and director of Earth School, based near Asheville, NC.  His vision for Earth School is to create an environment where people can learn, share and respect the many gifts of Nature. A place to grow and explore both inward and outwardly as we each walk and honor the path of our sacred journey on this incredible planet.

During the past 24 years, Richard has taught nature awareness and survival skills to over 15,000 people of all ages. He is an avid outdoorsman, a hunting & fishing guide, writer, public speaker and a self-trained Naturalist.  Richard’s Survival School has been featured on cable TV shows, local news channels and various publications and he has been the lead Nature instructor at Victor Wooten’s popular Bass & Nature Camp since 2000.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well with Richard who shares an inspiring message of living a life immersed in the wonders of nature!

Living Well with Richard Cleveland on AshevilleFM, January 15, 2018

Michael Dickinson – Sun Soo Martial Arts & “Guys Who Give”

An Ashevillian for the past 16 years, Michael lives in the West Asheville neighborhood with his lovely wife Ayla and two teenage girls, Lily and Abby.  A fourth degree black belt in tae kwon do, Michael is the Co-Owner of Sun Soo Martial Arts, ranked “WNC Best Of” martial art studio for ten years running.  Michael is excited to announce an upcoming event, “Guys Who Give”, that creates opportunities for men to make a positive impact in their local communities.

Enjoy the one-hour Living Well where Michael shares about his life and how learned to live well not only through martial arts but also the power of the community.  He’s excited to share the “Guys Who Give” inaugural event on February 7th when a local charity will receive a large donation from the attendees.

Living Well with Michael Dickinson on AshevilleFM, January 8, 2018

Ginger Huebner ~ Roots & Wings Art and Design

Ginger Huebner is the founding director of Roots + Wings School of Art and Design. With a Masters in Teaching Visual Art and a Bachelor of Architecture, Ginger brings a unique perspective to the field of art and design education. She has taught a wide spectrum of ages in a variety of environments. She also has her own studio practice, creating works of art using the mediums of collage, chalk pastel, encaustic and other mixed media. Ginger thrives on doing commissioned work. She has collaborated with individuals, agencies and companies to provide unique pieces of artwork. Ginger’s work can be seen at K2 Home in downtown Asheville, PonShop Studios in Fredricksburg, VA and at her studio by appointment. She lives in Asheville with her husband Scott and two children, Mia and Felix.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well as Ginger shares the importance of creativity in our lives and all the great things Roots & Wings is doing in our community and across the world!

Living Well with Ginger Huebner on AshevilleFM, December 18, 2017

Chris Joyell ~ Asheville Design Center

Chris Joyell is the Director of the Asheville Design Center, a program of Mountain True, is the region’s oldest and largest environmental nonprofit that engages Western North Carolina in creative community based design to promote healthy, thriving and equitable communities. ADC was founded in 2007, and Chris became their first Director in 2009. He is an attorney and has lived in Asheville for 13 years.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well where Chris shares the process for engaging communities to build healthy and vibrant neighborhoods.  In the  shares about the approved, but yet to be built, Smith-Mill Creek Greenway that will connect West Asheville neighborhoods with the River Arts District, downtown Asheville, and miles of existing greenway in the Asheville area.

Living Well with Chris Joyell on AshevilleFM, November 27, 2017

Laurie Berry Clifford ~ “Operating Instructions for Human Beings: 10 things nobody ever told you”

Laurie Berry Clifford describes herself as a mystic, mother, nondual wisdom teacher, mentor, writer, hypnotherapist, singer-songwriter, retreat leader, speaker, publisher, leader of the Life Together team at Jubilee! Community Church, and member of OM Sanctuary Collective.  She received her certification as a clinical hypnotherapist in 2004 with the intention of practicing traditional hypnotherapy. Building upon her experience and training, however, she soon moved into a transformative, grace-filled understanding she calls Deep Wisdom Listening. She says that for her it’s like sitting in a bubble of all-encompassing love in which nothing else exists.

Laurie just released her new book, “Operating Instructions For Human Beings: Ten Things Nobody Ever Told You.” that invites you to access the innermost part of ourselves where our own Deep Wisdom resides.  She writes that “imperfection is built into the human for good reason.  The point of living your human life is not to be perfect or even to be nice.  It is to need your divine Source so much that you are motivated to look for it first.  To search beyond your human nature, so messy and always changing.  To look for Something steady that does not change.  Something that calls you Home.”

Enjoy this one-hour Living as Laurie shares about the true nature of our feelings, the power of the subconscious and what it feels to be awake and alive!

Living Well with Laurie Berry Clifford on AshevilleFM, November 20, 2017


Joseph Pearson ~ Artist

Joseph Anthony Pearson was born in South Mississippi  in 1946.

He graduated Jackson State University (college) in 1969 with the B.S. degree in art Education. After a year of teaching in the Mississippi public school system Ihe left Mississippi for new York city to attend the Art Students league of NY. He was awarded a full scholarship his second year there. He trained there for 5 years and afterward joined the army as an illustrator.  After 3 years in the Army He went back to Mississippi and began work at Stennis Space Center as an Illustrator.  While at Stennis he got married and had a daughter and now has 11 year old granddaughter.

Joseph’s been a practicing professional artist for more than 30 years.  His awards include two Pollock-Krasner grants as well a grant from the Artist Fellowship of NY and many others. Pearson’s work has been widely shown in numerous national and international competitions and museum shows throughout the country. As a self-proclaimed social realist, his passion for people and the human condition is strongly evidenced in his portraits and figure paintings.

Joseph and his second wife moved to Asheville, (her birth place) in June 2015.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well as Joseph shares the inspiration for his art and his mission to use art as a tool for meaningful conversation between us!

Living Well with Joseph Anthony Pearson on AshevilleFM, November 13, 2017