Living Well Radio Show

Living Well is a weekly radio show on Asheville Free Media that features in-depth conversations about the many ways we can live well in our lives. My guests are Asheville locals from many walks of life who inspire others to live well.  I also regularly share my thoughts on Living Well as well as play inspiring music.

The inspiration for Living Well is to create a dialogue for shared exploration of how we can best be healthy, happy, and fulfilled in our lives.

Living Well airs live on Mondays from 11am-noonpm EST on 103.3FM in Asheville and streamed world-wide on AshevilleFM is a volunteer-based, grassroots community radio station whose goal is to add to and reflect the rich stew of arts, culture and community involvement that is Asheville.

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Dr. Daniel Foor ~ Ancestral & Family Healing

Daniel Foor, PhD, is a licensed psychotherapist and a doctor of psychology who leads ancestral and family healing intensives throughout the United States since 2005.  He is the author of Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing. He is an initiate in the Ifa/Orisha tradition of Yoruba-speaking West Africa and has trained with teachers of Mahayana Buddhism, Islamic Sufism, and different indigenous paths, including the older ways of his European ancestors. He and his wife live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well where Daniel shares the power and healing available when we cultivate a sacred relationship with our ancestors.

Living Well with Dr. Daniel Foor on AshevilleFM, October 16, 2017

Jeffrey Scott, LPC ~ Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness

Jeff is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of NC and GA. His clinical focus has been on adolescent treatment, specifically using prolonged wilderness experiences as a primary intervention.  He currently works for Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness, a program that focuses on assisting at-risk youth.  Jeff is a lifelong advocate and lover of wilderness. He firmly believes in immersive wilderness experiences as essential for human development.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well where Jeff shares his wisdom of the inherent power to connect with nature and to immerse yourself in the wild!

Living Well with Jeffrey Scott on AshevilleFM, October 9, 2017

Renee Owen & Ange Moore ~ 2nd Annual "More than Mindfulness" Conference

As executive director of Rainbow Community School (RCS), Renee Owen has witnessed the miracle of an education that embeds secular spiritual practices in children’s daily lives – something RCS has been doing throughout its rich 40 year history. Rainbow Community School, located in West Asheville, was founded by international leaders in the Sufi movement, including Aostre Johnson (author, Educating from the Heart) and other educational and child development experts, with the belief that an education based on love lays a foundation for thriving humans and a healthy world.  Renee is also co-founder and CEO of Rainbow Institute, the new holistic adult education organization dedicated to training teachers, parents, and professionals on how to include mindfulness and other secular spiritual practices into their classrooms, workplaces, and lives.  She is a doctoral candidate at Columbia University Teachers College, and her research is on secular spirituality in education and spiritual development from childhood through adulthood.

Angela Moore is wildly passionate about community and empowerment. And there’s nothing they feel more passionate about than empowering children with the tools to find meaning and wonder in their world every single day. Angela believes in the power of theater and dance as tools for social justice and personal transformation. Here at Rainbow they’ve shared their love of applied theater through a “Theater of the Oppressed” elective with our Omega students. As a story-teller, Angela has also dived into creating social media narratives that highlight Rainbow’s unique position as a national leader in holistic education.  Angela is so grateful to work within such an inclusive, mindful, and compassionate community. They are inspired everyday by the administration’s and teachers’ heart-centered approach to education, community building, and social change.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well where Renee and Ange share about the value of mindfulness and spirituality in education and their upcoming “More than Mindfulness” Conference happening October 6th and 7th at Rainbow Community School.

Living Well with Renee Owen and Ange Moore on AshevilleFM, September 25, 2017

Nicole Delcogliano ~ Organic Growers School

Nicole is the Organic Growers School Farmer Programs Coordinator. She and her husband Gaelan began their farm Green Toe Ground, a diversified organic farm in Celo, NC in 2001. They’ve grown the farm over the years, and now manage 16 acres of diversified organic and biodynamic produce and livestock, train farm apprentices each year, and raise their two girls. Originally from NY, she has farmed and worked in education in NC for the last 20 years. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from State University at New Paltz in New York, and is pursuing  a Masters in Sustainability from the Center for Appalachian Studies in Boone, NC.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well where Nicole shares the value of local farming and the year-long OGS Farm Beginnings Program that helps new and prospective farmers build a profitable farm business.

Living Well with Nicole Delcogliano on AshevilleFM, September 18, 2017

Cathy Cleary ~ Co-Founder of FEAST

Cathy Cleary and her husband, Reid Chapman, moved to West Asheville NC in 1995 and Cathy opened the West End Bakery Café in 2000, devoting her heart and soul to co-owning and operating this iconic establishment until she sold the business in 2015.

Pretty much everything Cathy does is associated with food. In 2009 she co-founded a non-profit called FEAST which now teaches gardening and cooking education to over 1500 kids in schools and afterschool programs in Asheville and Buncombe County. Her full time volunteer job is working with FEAST to envision and enable a community where kids eat vegetables every day regardless of income. In other volunteer work Cathy has served on boards of directors like Bountiful Cities, Slow Food Asheville, Carolina Ground, Haywood Road Market Co-op, and AB Tech Culinary Advisory Committee.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well where Cathy shares about the many benefits of FEAST and about the upcoming fundraiser, the 7th Annual Feasting for FEAST at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Asheville on September 13, 2017!

Living Well with Cathy Cleary on AshevilleFM, September 11, 2017



Jack Igelman ~ Environmental Writer & Economic Teacher

Jack Igelman is a writer and teacher whose main interest is in conservation and environmental stories that focus on the people, places, and institutions involved with managing the regions precious natural resources. His articles have appeared in many publications and is a regular contributor to WNC Magazine and is the lead environmental reporter for Carolina Public Press. He also teaches college level economics, is a co-founder and co-owner of Second Gear in West Asheville, and is the president of the board of trustees of the Friends of Hominy Creek Greenway.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well episode as Jack shares about the challenges of how we manage our precious natural resources in our region and efforts to create more green space in Asheville!

Living Well with Jack Igelman on AshevilleFM, September 4, 2017

Jordan Okrend ~ Singer/Songwriter

Jordan Okrend is an Asheville based singer/songwriter who released his first two EP’s, Unpredictable and Rising Up, between 2010 and 2012 while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston and has been performing extensively throughout the East Coast ever since.  Since settling in Asheville NC in 2016, Okrend has continued with his impressive musical journey. He was a winner in Asheville’s Brown Bag Songwriting Competition and was also named as one of the top acts to see at MONDO, NYC .

The Jordan Okrend Experience is more than one thing. First, there is the signature sound, vintage pop imbued with an infectious funky jazz edge. There is also something else. Soulful music with socially conscious lyrics, that has all been but lost in today’s current pop climate.

Okrend’s new album, Dance By The Riverside is a buoyant meditation of the stresses of the modern world, with a distinctively funk and retro soul vibe. It may bring to mind classic soul artists like Stevie Wonder, but has a sound that firmly belongs in these times.

Enjoy this Living Well episode where Jordan shares about his life as a musician, his newest CD, and ways he wants to make a positive difference in people’s lives!

Living  Well with Jordan Okrend on AshevilleFM, August 28, 2017

Dr. Katie Player ~ The Equilibrium Diet

Katie Player, PhD is an author, blogger, speaker, and health coach. She is a nutritional and spiritual pioneer and an expert in the economics of nutrition. Katie is the creator of the Equilibrium Diet and author of “Atheist to Enlightened in 90 Days: Featuring the Equilibrium Diet“. Her online & teleconference courses help people go beyond healthy to live the life of their dreams: body, mind and soul. Dr. Player researches diet, ancestral nutrition, and the subconscious mind.

Enjoy this one-hour episode where Katie shares her journey of restoring her health and her spiritual awakenings and realizations!

Living Well with Dr. Katie Player on AshevilleFM, July 31, 2017

DeWayne Barton ~ Founder of Hood Huggers International & Burton Street Peace Gardens

DeWayne is the founder and your tour guide for Hood Huggers International, that takes people on a journey through historic African American landmarks and neighborhoods of Asheville, and also shines a light on the work being done by local African American community groups and businesses. The Hood Huggers International team encompasses elders, grassroots leaders, and youth from the neighborhoods we work with, as well as volunteers from the community, local universities, and businesses.

Along with other local artists, DeWayne created the Burton Street Peace Gardens, a sanctuary for positive action, designed to create neighborhood food security, community cohesion, and a vibrant, sustainable local economy.

Enjoy this one-hour podcast where DeWayne shares the reasons for the work he is doing with a particular emphasis on empowering our communities and youth to create a sustainable future.   We were even treated to having a few youth from “My Community Matters” join us who were taking Hood tour with DeWayne.

Living Well with DeWayne Barton on AshevilleFM, July 24, 2017

Marie Davis ~ Friends of Rudolf Steiner

In her early 20’s, Marie studied many forms of alternative healing and became certified as a Meditation Instructor.  While supporting her clients using individualized diets, supplementation, lifestyle changes and alternative modalities, Marie became aware of the inherent relationship between mind, emotions, body, and health. She subsequently returned to graduate school to earn her Master’s Degree from Appalachian State University in Mental Health Counseling  and a graduate certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy with a Body Centered Concentration.  She then continued her training and became Certified as a Sensorimotor Psychotherapist, a body centered approach to exploring the effects of limiting beliefs and trauma on our body, mind, and spirit.  She currently maintains a private practice in Asheville.

Marie has also been a student of Rudolf Steiner’s work for 20 years holding study groups, coordinating local training’s and working to apply the wealth of ideas that Steiner has provided for healthy human evolution.  She is part of a local group, called the Friends of Rudolf Steiner in Asheville, who’s mission is to bring Steiner’s practical spiritual insights to our local community.  They are hosting Gary Lamb, from upstate NY,  in September for a two-day workshop who will share his experience of working with Steiner’s approach to economics and it’s relevance to humanity at this time.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well where Marie shares about the life and vision of Rudolf Steiner that includes his vision for a just, free, and happy society!

Living Well with Marie Davis on AshevilleFM, July 10, 2017