Lee Warren ~ Co-Founder of SOIL (School of Integrated Living)

Lee Warren has been homesteading, farming, and living in intentional community for more than 23 years.  She lives at Earthaven Ecovillage in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Western NC. Lee is a founder of a Village Terraces CoHousing Neighborhood and Imani Farm, Executive Director of Organic Growers School, and a founding partner of the School of Integrated Living. Lee is also an herbalist, writer, teacher, food and racial justice activist, with an avid interest in rural wisdom, sustainable economics, and radical feminism.

Enjoy this special one-hour Living Well with Lee who shares her wisdom and insight about intentional communities and ways we can live a more integrated meaningful life with each other and nature.

Living Well with Lee Warren on AshevilleFM, June 12, 2017