Laurie Berry Clifford ~ “Operating Instructions for Human Beings: 10 things nobody ever told you”

Laurie Berry Clifford describes herself as a mystic, mother, nondual wisdom teacher, mentor, writer, hypnotherapist, singer-songwriter, retreat leader, speaker, publisher, leader of the Life Together team at Jubilee! Community Church, and member of OM Sanctuary Collective.  She received her certification as a clinical hypnotherapist in 2004 with the intention of practicing traditional hypnotherapy. Building upon her experience and training, however, she soon moved into a transformative, grace-filled understanding she calls Deep Wisdom Listening. She says that for her it’s like sitting in a bubble of all-encompassing love in which nothing else exists.

Laurie just released her new book, “Operating Instructions For Human Beings: Ten Things Nobody Ever Told You.” that invites you to access the innermost part of ourselves where our own Deep Wisdom resides.  She writes that “imperfection is built into the human for good reason.  The point of living your human life is not to be perfect or even to be nice.  It is to need your divine Source so much that you are motivated to look for it first.  To search beyond your human nature, so messy and always changing.  To look for Something steady that does not change.  Something that calls you Home.”

Enjoy this one-hour Living as Laurie shares about the true nature of our feelings, the power of the subconscious and what it feels to be awake and alive!

Living Well with Laurie Berry Clifford on AshevilleFM, November 20, 2017