Kristen D’Amato ~ Psychic Healer & Women’s Wellness Practitioner

Kristen D’Amato is a psychic healer and women’s wellness practitioner.  She works primarily with women, who are suffering from debilitating overwhelm and anxiety, chronic physical pain, or “feeling stuck” in their life.  She has created a revolutionary system of healing called the Wheel of Whole Body Healing that provides profound results for her clients.

In addition to seeing clients individually, both in person at her office in Asheville, NC and remotely via Skype, Kristen has a large online presence offering group healings to women around the globe.  Kristen’s first book, Food for the Light Body, is a plant-based and gluten-free cookbook to supports one’s health and healing journey.  She is currently working on her second book on The Wheel of Whole Body Healing.

What a great conversation with Kristen who shares about the inherent wisdom in the body and how we can tap in to it for healing and transformation!

Living Well with Kristen D’Amato on AshevilleFM, May 8, 2017