Desiree DeMars ~ The Light From Within

Desiree DeMars call her work The Light From Within which is a synthesis of over thirty years of experience in the realms of spiritual development, integrative health, creativity and communications. It is a merging of the ancient wisdom teachings of shamanism and a contemporary approach to coaching based on the latest research in the neuroscience of conversations known as Conversational Intelligence, or C-IQ. Desiree also  offer shamanic energy sessions, shamanic divination readings, group trainings and drum circles called Drumming With The Moon, during the full and new moons at Epione Integrated Clinic in Montford.

Desiree’s vision of this merging of spirituality and science is to to become the container that honors the relationship between the heart and the mind by providing tools, ceremonies, and rituals that can powerfully and compassionately support the evolutionary processes we are experiencing on the planet today.

Currently Desiree am writing a book and created a card deck based on an African shamanic divination process I have been trained in known as “reading the bones” which uses 3D objects through which wisdom and guidance come through. Using the cards daily can support the user in developing their own intuition, insight and inner guidance about aspects of their life they are exploring more deeply at the time.  Its called The Sacred Symbols Divination Deck: How To Use Everyday Images for Illuminating Life’s Journey.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well where Desiree shares a powerful way of how we can live well in life using the teachings of shamanism.