Dada Maheshvarananda ~ Yogic Monk, Author, Meditation Teacher & Activist

Dada Maheshvarananda is a yogic monk, activist, and meditation teacher. He is the author of After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action and Cooperative Games for a Cooperative World: Facilitating Trust, Communication and Spiritual Connection. He has given hundreds of seminars and workshops around the world on social activism and spiritual transformation.  When not traveling abroad, Dada stays at the Prana Institute, which recently celebrated 10 years since opening in Marshall, North Carolina.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well podcast with Dada who shares his wisdom for living well and how we can bring more peace and love in to our lives and the world!  His publicist, copy editor, and trusted assistant, Mirra Price, also joins the conversation to share her experience teaching on the Navajo Reservation.

Living Well with Dada Maheshvarananda on AshevilleFM, June 19, 2017