Cyd Dawson-Smith ~ Coach for Asheville Lightning Track & Field Youth Team

Cyd wears a great many hats, including mother, wife, web designer, AB Tech instructor, martial artist, and summer track and field coach.  Cyd grew up on Long Island, and moved to Asheville in 1993. She first became involved with the Asheville Lightning Junior Olympics Track and Field team when her elementary-aged daughter needed something fun and active to do over the summer.

The Asheville Lightning is a member of the USA Track and Field Junior Olympics organization. They are dedicated to providing an opportunity for kids aged 5-18 to participate in Track and Field during the summer. Since it is not associated with a particular school, all children of those ages are eligible to participate. There are no tryouts, and they pride themselves in following the idea that there is an event for everyone. Children can participate in a variety of events that they might see watching Track and Field in the summer Olympics. This means that your 11 year old might learn the hurdles, and a 6 year old might learn to racewalk. Practice is 3 times per week, with a small number of inter-club meets throughout the summer.

Enjoy this one-hour podcast with Cyd who shares her love for track and field and the big difference it can make in a child’s life!

Living Well with Cyd Dawson-Smith on AshevilleFM, March 13, 2017