Corey Brown ~ Licensed Professional Counselor & Registered Yoga Teacher

Corey Brown blends wisdom, humility and compassion as an accomplished counselor, teacher, guide, and mentor.  With her natural gift of joyful and trusting connections with others, Corey offers an outstretched hand to anyone who is struggling to regain his or her wild, authentic self.

Corey’s approach and methodology is born from Transpersonal, Psychodynamic, Existential, Jungian, Systems and Body Oriented theories.  Additionally, she weaves in aspects of Eco Psychology and the Expressive Therapies to help her clients understand their personal story, how it shapes their current state of being and inspire healthy change.

Through guided experiences — ancient, new, and ever-unfolding — Corey offers unconditional understanding and empathy through one-on-one counseling, groups, classes, ritual and ceremony in a safe and sacred environment.

In this modern world, it’s not uncommon to travel through life without the connection of a loving community to help us understand and process our experiences.  Coalesce, located in the attic of 223 East Chestnut Street, was created to offer a safe and sacred space for people to unite, grow and come together.  The space is home to Corey Brown, Transformational Counselor, Yogini & Tarot Card Reader,  Becca Odom of Soulful Mountain Therapies, Kimberley Puryear of The Steadiness Project and  Christen Rinaldi, Reiki Master.  We offer weekly meditation and yoga classes as well as a variety of helpful, healing services.  For more information contact Corey at and stay tuned for the debut of the Coalesce website.

Enjoy this one-hour Living Well where Corey shares how we can use our feelings and listening to our bodies to help connect us with our true lovable selves.

Living Well with Corey Brown on AshevilleFM, February 13, 2017